Covert Surveillance Systems

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Enterprise Control System

Covert Systems

ECS Covert Systems are optimised for Military Surveillance and Police surveillance use, providing high quality link continuity, allowing for superior range whilst being contained in small covert housings.

Each of our covert products are built to high Ingression Protection (IP) ratings, allowing for the units to be body worn or strategically deployed into tactical operational areas, regardless of the environment.

All of our covert links are compatible with our airborne Uplink and Downlink systems as well as our receiver range, providing our users with flexibility, when selecting the correct product for a given operation.

Our covert links are available in both standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) formats giving peace of mind when being used for evidence gathering or providing situational awareness for high-risk operations.

Covert Surveillance Systems

The following Covert Surveillance Systems operate in set bands between 1.2 GHz and 5.4 GHz*
The Guardian Covert transmitter can work to the following Receivers
Patriot • VLDR-IF Up link • Handyview • Briefcase • Mobile Base station

Convoy Protection

The Snoopy True Non Line of Site Covert System operates in set bands between 320 MHz and 450 MHz*.

For an insight into some of the applications that ECS COFDM products are used in, please click here to view a selection of video presentations and click here to view our 'Next Generation COFDM Microwave Links for Military Surveillance' brochure.

*Other frequencies are available on request, after consultation with a sales representative.