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Enterprise Control System

COFDM Modulation Technology

COFDM SNOOPY Non Line of Sight Link

UHF Band COFDM Radio System
The Snoopy series is a ruggedised, lightweight radio system designed for the transmission of video, audio and data signals. Operating in the UHF band, Snoopy uses Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (COFDM) to provide improved link resilience over single carrier systems. Snoopy is suitable for use in rural environments where conventional equipment would fail.
COFDM SNOOPY Non Line of Sight Link
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  • General Description
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General Description

The Snoopy series is part of a new generation of microwave links designed by award winning company Enterprise Control Systems Ltd (ECS). ECS has an enviable track record in the design of microwave link systems; the Company has over 20 years experience of analogue and digital solution design. ECS has now developed its 5th generation COFDM radio systems which includes the Snoopy series. The Snoopy system uses an ECS proprietary COFDM modulation scheme with a limited number of carriers to carry high quality signals in minimal bandwidth (128 carriers). The video and audio signals are compressed prior to modulation so the bandwidth of the system is appropriate for use in the UHF band.
Snoopy is suitable for Non-Line of Sight (NLOS) operation. The system has been designed for discreet military and police use. The careful selection of frequency bands and configuration allows Snoopy to be deployed in both rural and semi-urban areas. The Snoopy system will perform well in wooded areas, across wet foliage and even over the brow of a hill where higher frequency COFDM systems would not be usable. ECS uses Substitution Cipher Encryption or 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to provide unrivalled security (AES is subject to export license approval). A range of 1 km is typical for a Snoopy NLOS rural link. Ancillary equipment is available including covert and overt antenna systems and, fully integrated receive terminals

Technical Data

Frequency Coverage: UHF-Band 320 - 330 MHz. Other frequency bands are available on request.
Radio Format: COFDM, 128 carriers, 2 MHz channel bandwidth
Channels: Channels within 5% proportional bandwidth, centres separated by 3 MHz. Maximum of 3 channels.
RF Output Power: 1 W RF nom.
Power Supply: Transmitter: 11 - 13 VDC, 15 W nom
Receiver: 11 - 13 VDC, 9 W nom
Video Format: PAL / NTSC (software-selectable).
Size: Transmitter: 30 x 70 x 143 mm
Receiver: 30 x 90 x 182.5 mm
Weight: Transmitter: 400 g
Receiver: 550 g
Finish: Federal Standard 595B-34094 (Camoflage Green 383 CARC)
Interfaces: Transmitter: Deutsch AS Mini Series connectors for power/data and video/audio. SMA for RF output
Transmitter: Deutsch AS Mini Series connectors for power/data and audio. BNC for video SMA for RF input.
Ingress Protection: IP54 (Protected from dust and splashing water)
Operational Temperature: -10ºC to +55ºC
Operational Humidity: Up to 95% Relative humidity, non-condensing.