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Enterprise Control System

COFDM Transmitting Equipment

GUARDIAN Transmitter

Miniature COFDM Radio Transmitter
The Guardian transmitter is a small, lightweight radio designed for transmission of high quality video, audio and data signals using Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (COFDM).
GUARDIAN Transmitter
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  • General Description
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General Description

The Guardian is part of a new generation of microwave links designed by award winning company Enterprise Control Systems Ltd (ECS). ECS has established an enviable track record in the design of microwave link systems, with a 20 year history involving design of analogue and digital solutions. The Guardian, one of ECS’ 5th generation of COFDM radios, uses MPEG2 compression and 1704 (2k) carrier full broadcast quality COFDM to provide high quality video, data and audio transmission.
The Guardian transmitter is slim and unobtrusive in design, measuring just 15 mm in depth. It can be worn on the body or concealed as required. The unit is supplied with an integral patch panel antenna. Control of the device, including frequency channel selection, is performed using ECS proprietary software via a serial interface.
A housed Lithium ion battery supplies power to the unit. Power to the camera can also be supplied by this battery via the edge connector, if required. Interface to the video, data and audio is by high quality circular connectors.
A typical range of operation for the non-diversity system is 100 m in a Non-Line of Sight (NLoS) urban environment, including inside buildings; this distance can be increased by using receiver diversity. The Guardian uses either the Substitution Cipher Encryption or Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm to provide unrivalled security (AES is subject to export licence approval).
The Guardian can be provided with a range of ancillaries to complement operations (Data Sheets on request). These include hand held receivers such as the Handyview and Briefcase Receivers with integral battery support systems.

Technical Data

Guardian specification
Frequency Coverage: L Band - 1300 -1400 MHz and 1750 - 1850 MHz
S Band - 2100 - 2400 MHz (in 100 MHz segments)
Patch antennas have a maximum 1% pr
oportional bandwidth
Power Supply: Lithium ion battery - 2.26 Ahr. 3.7 V nom
Temperature Range: -10ºC to +55ºC
Humidity: Up to 95% Relative Humidity
RF Output Power: 100 mW. Optional power amplifiers up to 10 W
Weight: 330 g approx including battery
Size: 181 x 87 x 15 mm.