Evenlode Ground Data Terminal

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Evenlode Ground Data Terminal

Soft Case System

The EVENLODE Ground Data Terminal System uses Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (COFDM) technology and is provided in a 19’’ 5U soft case. The data terminal provides an innovative solution for air to ground data requirements incorporating Internet Protocol (IP) data and video.

Evenlode Ground Data Terminal
Evenlode Ground Data Terminal
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General Description

External to the Soft Case Unit are four antennas and a Low Noise Block (LNB) downconverter. The antennas include switched Multiple Sector Antennas (MSA) for transmit and receive, an omnidirectional diversity receive antenna and a Global Positioning System (GPS) antenna. All other components of the system are installed within the soft case: The Evenlode data terminal, Antenna Control Unit (ACU), Video Decoder Module and Power Distribution Module.
The EVENLODE Ground Data Terminal provides decoding and monitoring of all signals contained within an ECS COFDM EVENLODE downlink. The downlink may consist of up to two high definition video channels, two audio channels, GPS position of the Air Data Terminal, telemetry data and, bidirectional Internet Protocol (IP) Data. COFDM downlink parameter matching is automatic. The Ground Data Terminal may be used to transmit data in IP and serial formats to the Air Data Terminal. This uplink data could be used for remote control of sensors, selecting sensors or be used to control and monitor downlink parameters by remotely accessing the Air Data Terminal. Local and remote Control are provided by Graphical User Interfaces (GUI).
GPS information from the aircraft transmitter is fed to the ACU to select the link-facing sector within each MSA. This provides high gain performance with an excellent range. Using an omnidirectional receive antenna in diversity improves downlink resilience: the highest quality COFDM signal is chosen from the two antenna inputs on a carrier-by-carrier basis and in real time.
The EVENLODE Ground Data Terminal has been designed to be portable, lightweight and rugged whilst maintaining full functionality of an EVENLODE 19’’ rack static system.

Technical Data

Soft Case Data Terminal Unit specification:

Size: 630 x 740 x 360 mm (case complete) approx
Weight: 25 kg approx
Power Supply: 95 - 264 VAC
EVENLODE specification:
Sensitivity: -95 dBm min (RF sensitivity, QPSK, including the LNB front end or MSA antenna)
Channel Bandwidth: 1.7,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 MHz (4 presets)
Channels: Presets within a 10% proportional bandwidth at 10 MHz intervals
Receiver LEDs: OFDM lock, FEC and packet error
Baseband Outputs: HD (YPrPb & DVI), SD (CVBS & Y/C), Audio MPEG L1 x 4 (two stereo pairs), NMEA 0183, RS-232 Telemetry, RS-485 Control, Ethernet.
Decryption: Advanced Encryption System 256-bit (subject to export licence approval) or Substitution Cipher Encryption
Antenna Control Unit specification:
GPS Display: Altitude, lat and long position, bearing and heading of the transmitting unit and, time
Antenna Display: Antenna selected, auto/manual, channel selected
Control: Sector auto/manual selection, sector selection, channel up/down, mains on/off