COFDM Microwave Transceiver

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WASP Transceiver

Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (COFDM) is a robust transmission technique providing high quality, real-time video in environments where conventional links would fail. Using 1704 carriers in an 8 MHz bandwidth, the Wasp transceiver has been optimised for covert surveillance over rugged terrain.

WASP Transceiver
WASP Transceiver
WASP Transceiver
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  • General Description
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General Description

The Enterprise Control Systems Ltd (ECS) Wasp COFDM transceiver is a small, ruggedised unit designed to be covertly deployed and used for surveillance in city and rural areas. The Wasp has been designed for the harshest environments. The unit can simultaneously transmit and receive real time video and data operating within the same frequency band. The transmit power from the transceiver is programmable up to 1 Watt nominal. The use of a separate, optional power amplifier is available to provide power up to 10 Watts nominal.
The ECS Wasp transceiver uses a handheld programmer and/or a PC-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) enabling comprehensive control and programming of the unit.
A 4-1 video switch appliqué unit is available allowing selection of the video for transmission from up to four camera inputs. This selection can be done remotely through telemetry data or by the hand held GUI connected directly to the transmitting Wasp. Wasp units may be paired to form a two-way video and data link or, a single Wasp may be used as a receiver for the full range of ECS COFDM L-band transmitters. A diversity option is available using a second receive antenna connected using an external Low Noise Block downconverter. Using the Wasp in diversity operation has been shown to improve the received signal quality by around 6 to 8 dB, significantly improving range.

Technical Data

Frequency Band: L-Band (other bands on request)
Transmit Output Power: 1 W max (programmable high / medium / low)
Power: 10.5 - 14 VDC
Receive Sensitivity: -92 dBm min (IF input sensitivity into the receiver) -95 dBm min (RF sensitivity including internal or external LNB down converter)
RF Bandwidth (Tx and Rx): 8 MHz
Channel Selection: 10 MHz spaced channels within a 10% proportional bandwidth
Video (Input and Output): PAL or NTSC (programmable)
Encryption: AES256 (subject to export license). Substitution Cipher Encryption (SCE) also available.
Data: RS232: 4800 - 115200 Baud (programmable)
Mode Selection: FEC - 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6 code rates Selectable guard interval 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 or 1/32 QPSK mode
Programmable via Hand Held Controller or PC GUI
Modes: Transmit only, receive only, transmit sleep, single or diversity reception
Weight: 3.6 kg including filters (not including appliqué unit)
Size: 230 x 207 x 67 mm (Wasp unit only)
Finish: Matt black epoxy paint (transceiver body). Hard black anodising (filter housing)
EMC: Def Stan 59-41
Environmental: Def Stan 00-35.