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Enterprise Control System

Digital Receivers

ECS’ range of digital receivers have been designed to be compatible with ECS airborne downlinks and ground transmitters. The receivers vary in size and capability, this allows for rack mounted ground equipment to be installed either remotely or into an operational Headquarters.

ECS also provide Pelicase mobile and handheld receivers; this ability provides decision makers on the ground with real time images allowing for reliable command and control, a key force multiplier.  

All ECS receivers have an option to be upgraded to diversity reception. This is a technique used to improve range up to a factor of x 2 by using two antennas in slightly different locations feeding a dual input on the receiver.

The antennas do not have to be of the same type and their selection will depend on the application. For multiple aircraft applications dual high gain omni-directional antennas can be used.

For an insight into some of the applications which ECS COFDM products are used, please view a selection of video presentations. To read about ECS downlink equipment currently in use with UK forces visit the Police Aviation News (PAN) website and view our 'Next Generation COFDM Microwave Links for Military Surveillance' brochure.


The following Receivers operate in set bands between 1.2 GHz and 5.4 GHz*.

Handyview • VLDR-IF Up link • Briefcase • Mobile Base station •  Base station •  Loxley

*Other frequencies are available on request, after consultation with a sales representative.