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07-03-2017 - SECURITY & POLICING 2017

For further information on Security & Policing 2017 please visit the official website.

Please note if you are planning to visit the Security and Policing event, please read the following terms and conditions of entry as there is no general admittance to the event. All visitors are subject to Home Office approval.  Possession of security clearance does not guarantee entrance to the event. 
Each visitor must apply via the online registration system via the website www.securityandpolicing.co.uk or by contacting ADS directly. The Registration site will remain open for the duration of the event, and visitors will still be subject to verification.
All visitors must be a current employee of one of the following organisations: 
UK or Overseas Law Enforcement
Government Departments & their Agencies
Emergency Response Agencies
Border Agencies
Criminal Justice Agencies
Key Operators and Regulators of Critical National Infrastructure (Security Managers and Security Procurement Staff) Individuals that are Members of the Register of Security Engineers and Specialists (RSES) Military Overseas Government Departments, Police or Law Enforcement Agencies and their procurement agents/representatives 
Please note that we are not able to approve applications submitted under private email addresses - please register use an official email address.
During the exhibition, on-site registration will only be available to those individuals who can provide a form of government employee identification i.e. Warrant Card, MoD90 etc.
Overseas visitors from countries approved to visit by the Home Office will be permitted. The only exceptions to this will be by approval from The Home Office.
Agents will only be permitted if it is proven that their attendance brings potential for general sale of UK equipment overseas. The Organiser and the Home Office will consult with British Embassy posts overseas to establish the bona-fide nature of any such individuals.
Only the Organiser’s official admission badge, worn by the person named on it, will be permitted into Security & Policing 2017. The badge remains the property of the Organiser.
The badge is only valid for the person named on it; neither the badge holder nor the company they represent may permit the badge to be worn by another person. The wearing of a badge under these circumstances will be grounds for the individual and/or company to be removed from the exhibition. Identity checks will be conducted as a condition of entry and re-entry if the exhibitor leaves the exhibition.
Any person found to be registering to attend Security & Policing 2017 using false information / credentials or deliberately withholding information will have their application automatically denied.
All persons attending Security & Policing 2017 including all exhibitors and their staff, should carry and produce on request a supporting personal photographic identity document i.e. Warrant Card, MoD 90, Passport, Photo Driving Licence or similar. Company identification cards will not be accepted.
All exhibitors and their staff (including stand contractors), visitors and service providers must pre-register. All attendees will be subject to a security vetting and acceptance process.
No person under the age of 18 will be admitted to Security & Policing 2017 either while the event is open or during the build-up and breakdown stages.
Anyone attending Security & Policing 2017 must not take part in any canvassing, leafleting, or any activity which may disrupt the Exhibition.
Individuals or companies who have previously caused difficulties at or in association with the exhibition, or who have by their action caused either the police service or the Home Office embarrassment, may be excluded from participating by the Home Office.
The Organisers reserve the right to exclude or remove anyone from Security & Policing 2017 who does not comply with this Admission Policy or who they reasonably consider are likely to break these rules.
Photographic ID must be carried at all times. If you exit and re-enter the venue, staff will ask for photo ID.Top of Form