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Enterprise Control System

Expert Solutions for Microwave COFDM, RF Jammers & Inhibitors

With conflict and threats to security increasing around the world, surveillance and RF jamming capabilities are very much in demand from national intelligence, security, police and military services - a need that is continuously being met by a small, privately owned UK Company.

For more than two decades, Enterprise Control Systems Ltd (ECS) has used ground-breaking technological expertise in surveillance and RF jamming disciplines to develop innovative system solutions to counter the latest and ever-increasing security threats. Bespoke and turnkey applications have been developed to meet the needs of the British Armed forces, police authorities across the UK and specialist security teams including those covering the Beijing Olympics in 2008. At its headquarters in Northamptonshire, UK, ECS first designed digital COFDM Microwave links in the late 1990s.

ECS Vehicle Mounted Digital Jamming Systems

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State of the art VIP Protection Systems

Today, ECS produces fully proven, fourth generation equipment and a growing portfolio of link systems to carry video, data and telemetry signals for use in situation awareness, along with a range of RF Inhibitors to counter Remote Controlled Improvised Explosive Device (RCIED) threats used by terrorists.

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COFDM Microwave Links &Video Surveillance Equipment

Enterprise Control Systems Ltd has been at the forefront of the design of Video Surveillance microwave downlinks for fixed and rotary wing airborne platforms since the first concept demonstrator back in the early 90's. In 2001, the company was awarded a contract for the first digital COFDM microwave link for a European police force. In 2007, the company was awarded the prestigious Queen's Award for Enterprise in the Innovation section for its secure COFDM microwave systems.

ECS has an excellent worldwide reputation for the supply of COFDM microwave links and is the preferred supplier for secure COFDM microwave links to a number of international helicopter providers as well as the preferred provider for military surveillance and Police control systems.

COFDM Microwave Links

RF Inhibitors & Digital Jamming Systems

ECS has designed and manufactured a wide range of RF inhibitors (RF Jammers) and is able to offer the latest Digital Jamming Systems technology solutions as counter-measures against Remotely Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIEDs). The range of RCIED Jammers includes ultra portable units to cover cell phone networks and full band portable and vehicle–mounted systems. The latter includes covert antenna configurations that can be discreetly mounted in vehicles for mobile deployment. Applications include protection of Force Protection and VIP Protection and military personnel, and counter improvised explosive device operations. All RF inhibitor sales are subject to export licence control.

RF Inhibitors & Digital Jamming Systems

Constantly moving forward, ECS opened its own Technology Park in 2007 to operate alongside its existing engineering and production departments, including a state of the art EMC Chamber for rigorous testing of all its products, enabling expansion of its entire operation.

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