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Please take time to view our Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations - we hope you will find the information useful.

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Bars (pressure measurement)


Bit Error Rate - In telecommunications, an error ratio is the ratio of the number of bits, elements, characters or blocks incorrectly received to the total number of bits, elements, characters or blocks sent during a specified time interval. The most commonly encountered ratio is the bit error ratio (BER) - sometimes referred to as the bit error rate.

Bias T

A device to enable a DC voltage to be applied to or extracted from a coaxial cable used to feed an antenna preamp or other line replacement unit using the coaxial feeder cable in addition to the RF signal as the DC supply cable.


Binary digit, taking the value of either 0 or 1


Bayonet Neill Concelman (type of connector)


Bits per second


Binary Phased Shift Keying