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Enterprise Control System
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ECS provides a complete Integrated Logistics Support package that includes first and fourth line test equipment that includes a portable automatic test equipment. Each ILS package can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements. In addition, the company can provide up-to-date threat analysis and software defined fill support that is both secure and reliable.

Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)

Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)The ATE Portable Test Set is a self-contained test system that allows 2nd line testing of ECS RF Inhibitors. A Test Centre application is installed on the embedded computer and this controls the test instruments and guides the user through a series of pre-defined test elements. The Test Set contains a spectrum analyser, power meter and digital voltmeter, all these are controlled by an internal PC controller. Additional features include:

  • 10MHz Rubidium Standard
  • RF Switch
  • Integrated 1U rack keyboard, screen and mouse
  • Remote Control port for External Power Supply
  • CD ROM drive
  • Dongle protection to prevent unauthorized use
  • RF Cables

The Graphical Hand Held Controller (GHHC) RF Inhibitors

The Graphical Hand Held Controller (GHHC) RF InhibitorsThe Graphical Hand Held Controller (GHHC) RF Inhibitors is a user interface device used to integrate and configure all of ECS products. This operationally proven device has been adapted for 1st line testing of Griffin, Falcon and Kestrel series RF Inhibitors.

The GHHC is a light unit manufactured with a tough carbon fibre housing. Through the GHHC the following information about the host RF Inhibitor can be displayed:

  • GPS Information (if applicable)
  • Battery status
  • Displays BIT information from host unit
  • Real time return loss measurements
  • Software version of host unit
  • Current status of host unit
  • Current Fill status
  • Serial number of the host unit is connected

Antenna Installation and Commissioning

An essential element of any RF Inhibitor design is the performance of the antenna system. ECS’s EMC chamber enables its engineering team to design and meticulously test different antenna configurations in order to provide the best practicable performance against  known RCIED threats. In this way, the company has funded the development of an advanced ground plane antenna system for military and commercial vehicles. This focus and attention to detail has resulted in a significant improvement in system performance.

Antenna Installation and Commissioning


A range of training courses are available that include user and maintenance training. Specific training courses such as ‘Train the Trainer’ are also available. Training can be undertaken at Enterprise Control Systems Limited or at the customer’s facilities in the UK or overseas.  Courses range from the following titles across the full Jammer range of products.

  • Operator
  • Technical
  • Maintainer
  • Installation
  • Spectrum Management
  • Software writing

ECS provides specific user manuals with all equipment and Customer Support can provide, where necessary, bespoke System Manuals that detail all aspects of the system and how the individual equipments are interconnected and operated within the vehicle the equipment is installed into.

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