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Enterprise Control System

Covid-19 Update

Posted 2020-03-18

Directors’ Statement

In the current challenging circumstances the Directors of Enterprise Control Systems Ltd (ECS) would like to reassure our customers, future customers and our suppliers that having examined the resilience, contingency plans, and the inherent flexibility of ECS, we remain confident in our ability to sustain our supply to and support of critical operational customer needs, whilst we continue to advance future capability.

  • ECS, in business for over 30 years, remains as resilient as ever with well-established business continuity plans as required by our specialist government, police, military and security force customers world-wide. We will continue with our ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ approach to manage the situation during the current pandemic.
  • ECS capability development for the future will continue. Endeavouring to progress with the introduction of new technology to better enable our customers’ needs we intend to maintain our ability to support you throughout.
  • We will continue to embrace our flexible approach in all aspects of our business over the coming months. We trust that our ability to react rapidly to changing circumstances will enable us to satisfy our customers’ critical operational needs.

Thank you for your long standing trust and support.

Should you have any questions either general or specific to our mutual business please do not hesitate to contact your current ECS point of contact, or utilise our general enquiries. Contact by email is preferred.