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Enterprise Control System

ECS is COVID-19 Secure

Posted 2020-06-16

A copy of the COVID-19 Specific Risk Assessment for ECS is available upon request.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant influence on us all and our sympathies are with those who have been directly affected.  We continue to have the welfare and safety of our employees at the forefront of our minds, whilst continuing to support our customers and partners and also moving forward with our technology.

The hard work and dedication of our staff, customers, partners and suppliers continues to ensure successful ECS operations during this time.  ECS continues to fully support UK Government requirements with our COVID-19 Secure business environment and concentrates on upholding the wellbeing and safety of our employees at all times, with as little detriment to our business as possible.

Should you have any questions either general or specific to our mutual business, please engage with your current ECS point of contact, or utilise our general enquiries.