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Enterprise Control Systems Ltd Downlink Equipment Selected by Airborne Technologies for Airborne LINX System, Installed on a Viking Air Twin Otter Guardian 400 Aircraft

Posted 2019-06-26

Enterprise Control Systems Ltd (ECS) is proud to announce that its aircraft data link equipment has been selected by Airborne Technologies for installation on a Viking Air Twin Otter Guardian 400 aircraft, which will tour around the world over the next one and a half years.

The aircraft, as recently revealed at the Paris Air Show, is fully equipped with Airborne Technologies’ Airborne LINX system and is designed to carry out Special Missions worldwide. It is a unique combination of the most appropriate aircraft with its outstanding performance and versatility, together with leading edge system architecture using the “crème de la crème” of suppliers in the Special Missions arena.  The aircraft world tour will include briefings and demonstration flights in Europe, Africa, Middle East, India, South East Asia, Oceania and North America.

ECS is delighted to continue supporting Airborne Technologies with the Evenlode data link capability as an integral element of the LINX. The ECS ‘Evenlode’  data link has been proven for many years by a wide range of users.  Evenlode was carefully selected for this application as it is a lightweight, cost effective, multi-application COFDM data terminal and was designed specifically to meet the demanding requirements of this type of airborne application. All of the ECS downlink equipment is optimised for Military and Police surveillance use, providing extensive range, high quality link continuity and picture quality equivalent to the professional broadcast market.

Business Development Director of ECS, Paul Taylor, commented; “ECS is proud to have been selected by Airborne Technologies for this exciting project and it provides an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the leading edge engineering development that ECS is renowned for.  ECS’ aircraft downlink equipment specifically represents a key enabling technology that will ensure that ECS remains a leader in the development of COFDM surveillance systems and we look forward to continuing to support Airborne Technologies in the future".

For further information on our aircraft downlink equipment, please contact us and a member of our business development team with get back to you shortly.