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Enterprise Control System

Enterprise Control Systems Ltd Evenlode excels in Operational Trials in the Middle East

Posted 2014-09-29

A recent demonstration of the Enterprise Control Systems Ltd (ECS) Evenlode datalink system operating in one of its most advanced configurations has impressed customers and users in a Middle Eastern nation.  The link delivered HD video and full IP connectivity at ranges in excess of 140 km as a key component of an advanced airborne ISR system.

The full IP link capability of Evenlode, coupled with the long range real time HD video transmission enabled this sophisticated user to appreciate the significant capability enhancement that Evenlode delivers when integrated with high end missions systems on a surveillance platform. In this demonstration ECS Evenlode provided the datalink (video and IP) to a fixed wing platform equipped with a 15 inch EO/IR turret and a high end geospatial system incorporating augmented reality mapping. The full suite of aircraft ISR systems were all also able to be controlled from the ground HQ enabling operational commanders to cue the EO/IR sensors onto target areas of interest.

Video products were delivered in full HD to the ground HQ and then also disseminated via web based streaming servers enabling senior commanders access to near real time imagery on their own mobile devices such as tablets and handsets. Mission commanders in the HQ were able to text chat continuously with the aircraft surveillance operators and also talk using voice over IP to both aircraft mission system operators and to the flight crew. During 5 days of operational trials of the full mission capability the aircraft was on 2 occasions diverted from the demonstration mission and tasked onto real security incidents as they occurred. Senior commanders were able to have ‘eyes on target’, continuously task and re-task the aircraft; collect, collate and overlay mapping data into the real time imagery. This sophisticated ISR mission Command and Control was provided solely by the ECS Evenlode data link.

ECS is delighted to have Evenlode play such a key part in the integration and delivery of such an advanced ISR capability for a demanding user.