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Enterprise Control System

Handover Announcement from ECS

Posted 2020-05-01

ECS is pleased to announce that the long-planned handover between Colin Bullock and Marc Haysey as CEO will take place on the 1st May 2020.  Marc has been understudying Colin as CEO designate for over a year whilst still holding onto the job of Engineering Director and he has gradually been taking on greater responsibilities.

Colin remains the majority shareholder and Founder and will take on the role of CTO with the title of Founder and CTO (Chief Technology Officer).  His role will include being the Company interface with certain key customers but also to be the Champion for the new technologies, taking a lead in their introduction to customers.

Colin Bullock said: “It gives me pleasure to see my first protégé, Marc, take over the reins and run the company that I founded in 1987. Even better still that two further generations of my protégés are playing such key roles in Engineering. Enterprise Control Systems Ltd will remain an Engineering company run by an Engineer. 

My new role as CTO will allow me concentrate on what really interests me, pushing the boundaries of technology.  It has been this technology advantage over our competitors which has been the success of ECS and I am delighted that I can take the lead in developing new ground-breaking systems for our valued customers.”

Marc Haysey said: “Taking over as CEO from Colin leaves me with big boots to fill but this is a role I have been preparing for over the last year and have benefitted greatly from Colin’s leadership and guidance during my career.  I joined the Company as a junior engineer in 1998 and I am humbled that I have been given this responsibility.  I am delighted that we shall have Colin teaming up with Simon Harding, Chief Engineer, and pressing on with the innovation and development of new systems and championing them with our customers.  It is equally a great comfort that Colin will continue to remain a valued member of the Board and so fully engaged in the business.

This transition is simplified thanks to Tom Phelps who has made a great success in leading the Engineering team and has gained the full support of the Board.

With the combination of my engineering experience and being an active ECS Board member for the last 5 years I am well placed to drive the Company strategy forward.  ECS shall continue to deliver excellence in specialist engineering for all of our critical customers and users across the defence, police, security and counter-unmanned systems domains.  We will continue to grow our business, both domestically and internationally, delivering new products and capabilities both direct to our specialist customers and in collaboration with our major aircraft OEM and system integration partners. I will nurture the talents of the whole ECS team and now, with Colin as CTO, I anticipate that you will see us deliver even more ECS innovation into both our existing and new adjacent market segments.”

Major General (Retired) Peter Gilchrist CB, Chairman said: “Colin has had a long-term plan to return to his roots to develop new ground-breaking systems but could only do so when a suitable successor could be found.  Marc Haysey has been preparing for this role for over a year and now fully understands the workings of all parts of the company.  He has been with the Company since he was a graduate engineer and is a highly competent individual; he has the full support of the Board and shareholders.

With Colin in the role of CTO I know that ECS will continue to be a technology led company and he already has plans, to be unveiled at the appropriate point, for ground-breaking new systems for our customers.  Colin is not leaving the Company and will remain the controlling shareholder, Founder, and be a Board member.

With these changes the Company will make a stable transition and it remains in very good hands and I am confident it will go from strength to strength.”