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Enterprise Control System

Liteye Systems Inc. C-AUDS Selected by US Government

Posted 2020-07-29

Enterprise Control Systems Ltd (ECS) strategic partner in the US, Liteye Systems Inc. has recently announced the selection by the US government of the Liteye C-AUDS (Containerized Anti UAS Defense System) to defend critical infrastructure. ECS provides Liteye with our C-UAS RF inhibition system that is integrated within C-AUDS. Full details of Liteye Systems’ announcement can be found at: https://liteye.com/liteye-c-auds-chosen-to-defend-critical-infrastructure-by-the-us-government/

ECS CEO Marc Haysey comments, “I am delighted to congratulate Liteye who continue to be a key partner in the delivery of the ECS C-UAS defeat capability that is ever more widely deployed in support of multiple international military users. The US DoD Joint Counter UAS Office (JCO) recent down-selection of the US Air Force designed Medusa C2 system, of which Liteye C-AUDS is the first identified integral component, is in turn an endorsement of Liteye’s ability to integrate and deliver the ECS C-UAS defeat capability. This continuing recognition of the Liteye C-AUDS capability deployed from 2016 onwards is well deserved.”

ECS is a privately owned specialist RF engineering company that focuses on the design and manufacture of data links and of RF inhibition (jammer) systems for C-IED (Counter Improvised Explosive Devices) and C-UAS (Counter Unmanned Air Systems) for defence and security customers world-wide.