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The 'AUDS' Team

Posted 2015-04-15

The AUDS Team comprising Blighter Surveillance Systems, Chess Dynamics Ltd and Enterprise Control Systems Ltd has unveiled - at the recent UK Home Office Security & Policing Event 2015 - its Anti-UAV Defence System (AUDS), designed to combat the growing threat of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones.
During 2014, the companies in the AUDS Team identified an increasing proliferation of drones coupled with a trend towards their use for malicious purposes. With rising security related tensions in a number of potential jurisdictions, the 3 companies that form the AUDS team took the commercial decision to proceed with integrating the elements of an Anti UAV Defence System (AUDS) so that it can be offered as a rapid counter to the drone related security and safety challenges that continue to increase on an almost daily basis. The AUDS Team's companies selected each other as team-mates based upon respect for their subject domain knowledge, current operational capability in the defence and security market and the ability to work rapidly in a collaborative relationship to bring a capability together for customers facing urgent operational requirements.
AUDS – UAV Detection, Tracking & Disruption System
AUDS is designed to disrupt Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) engaged in hostile Airborne Surveillance and other malicious acts. The AUDS system combines electronic scanning radar target detection & classification, Electro Optic (EO) tracking and directional RF inhibition capability over independent RF bands (GPS and control).
The Anti-UAV Defence System is a smart-sensor and effector package capable of remotely detecting small Unmanned Air Vehicles then tracking and classifying them before providing the option to disrupt their activity. The system may be used in remote or urban areas to prevent UAVs being used for terrorist attacks, espionage or other undesirable activities against sites with critical infrastructure.
The AUDS Team brings together three leading British companies each with the unique capabilities required to create AUDS. The Blighter Surveillance Systems’ passive electronically scanned array (PESA) Blighter A400 Series Air Security Radar is able to DETECT small UAVs at 8km in all weather conditions 24 hours a day. The Chess Dynamics’ highly accurate, stabilised director, combined with the very latest EO/IR cameras with state-of-the-art video tracking technology from Vision4ce, is able to TRACK the UAV and, combined with radar target information, classify the target. The operator is then able to make a timely and informed decision to use the Enterprise Control Systems Ltd, smart RF inhibition transmissions targeted on the UAV enabling the system to DISRUPT the UAV’s mission.
The Anti-UAV Defence System is likely to be an integral part of a wider networked surveillance and defence system.  Its soft kill capabilities make it a very attractive option for both military, internal and border security forces.  Where the situation demands restraint under provocation and where active, yet discrete, deterrence is required, AUDS delivers a very powerful message.  The system can be operated from both fixed locations and from a mobile platform, where mobility offers both flexibility and protection. 
AUDS has been designed and built in the UK, using British technology, components and expertise.  
For further details, pricing and availability, please contact:
Dave Morris – dave.morris@enterprisecontrol.co.uk