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Enterprise Control System

VIP Protection

Counter RCIED Threat Management

Mitigating against potential threats is the key to success when protecting VVIP’s. In recent times the use of Remote Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIED) presents the highest threat to VVIP’s when transiting by road or when roaming in public areas.

Understanding the threat and applying a decisive response in the Radio Frequency Spectrum ensures that VVIPs have the required protection to allow them to continue with their daily routine.

Enterprise Control Systems Ltd (ECS) has vast experience in providing high quality integration of its VVIP products into commercial vehicles, both luxury and standard models, for use in the mobile or static role.

With the continuous development and use of Remote Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIEDs) by terrorists and insurgents worldwide, RF Inhibition systems and Counter RCIED jamming equipment are very much in demand for VVIP Protection purposes. By using accurate threat analysis with the very latest technology, Enterprise Control Systems Ltd (ECS) RF Inhibitors can provide a genuine RCIED countermeasure to the most demanding of threats.

Counter RCIED Management Solutions

New intelligence on threats is continuously updated and evaluated. Suitable antidotes are developed in order to continue the battle against RCIEDs. ECS designs and manufactures a family of RF Inhibitors using the latest techniques and technology to defeat these ever increasing threats.

VVIP Protection Products

With a wide selection of antennas across the threat frequency band, ECS ensure that the integration of the system is not only of the highest cosmetic standards, but the system performs to its maximum potential, guaranteeing protection of the VVIP. ECS recommend the following equipment in support of the VVIP roles:



The ultimate equipment for Force Protection in a complex theatre of threats. The Griffin covers a wide frequency range to counter an extensive range of threats. The vehicle-borne system is modular and comprises of up to eight high-power, software-programmable RF modules.

Falcon/Falcon Plus

An excellent solution for Convoy Protection where threats have been identified. A software-configurable, vehicle-borne jammer that provides excellent protection to counter a wide array of RCIED threats.


A modular system for patrol protection. A lightweight jammer, small for easy deployment and design; each Kestrel has an operational life in excess of four hours and can be used in many counter RCIED applications. Each Kestrel is designed for man-pack use without adverse affect on the human body concentrating power into a specific threat band.

Dart Series

An effective counter for checkpoint, building or access protection. An enhanced family of carry forward jammers built in rugged cases with integral batteries and antennas, most suitable for neutralising RF communications such as mobile phones in a building. The Dart may be fitted with a directional antenna and ‘pointed’ concentrating power in one direction.

Integrated Logistic Support

ECS provides a complete Integrated Logistic Support package tailored to meet specific customer requirements and a range of training courses are also available that include both user and maintenance training.

Purchase of some of the standard equipment listed is subject to export licence approval. ECS may be able to offer alternative equipment without export license approval. Please contact ECS for more details for specific equipment and requirements.

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