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Enterprise Control System

Maritime Security

Maritime Security Companies

Our authorities endeavour to protect maritime areas by sourcing and implementing secure border control solutions to ensure protection against potential threats such as piracy, smuggling, illegal immigration and terrorism.

To assist them in combating such threats, they look towards Maritime Security Companies such as Enterprise Control Systems Ltd to provide state of the art COFDM technology capable of transmitting totally secure, real-time video, audio and data to control centres or mobile recipients, depending on the nature of the operation.

Enterprise Control Systems Ltd (ECS)’ range of maritime surveillance products are designed to provide integrated solutions with capabilities to combat such activities and reduce the amount of illegal challenges associated with border control and maritime security. ECS’ COFDM microwave video surveillance links provide commanders across all levels with the capabilities of high quality video, audio and data transmitted and received securely within a fully encrypted, robust video link. This capability enables the user real-time situational awareness which optimises the possibility of a successful outcome during any high value maritime operation or mission.

Maritime Security Solutions

Maritime Security Companies have to consider many variants when providing unique solutions to the dynamic threats within the maritime surveillance industry and this is where ECS excels in all aspects involved - from system planning to product installation and extensive after-sales customer support.

ECS’ range of COFDM maritime surveillance links can be fully integrated into the following platforms;

and can be used in applications such as; protection of Naval Boarding Parties, Maritime Interdiction, Convoy/Escort Protection and for use by Customs & Excise for Coastal Maritime Border Surveillance utilising Remote Airborne Sensor Control to achieve optimum security levels.

ECS’ team of highly experienced microwave communication design engineers have extensive experience in Maritime Surveillance solutions and are able to offer planning advice, design and implementation of both fixed and mobile microwave networks including fully encrypted inter-vessel video, audio and data links to further enhance Maritime Surveillance.

ECS’ are able to provide extensive solutions to suit an array of different applications including; Dual Channel Uplink/Downlinks, Single and Dual video, audio and data transmission links, Robust RF microwave links and multicast transmission links, all fully encrypted if required.
ECS are at the forefront of the design and manufacture of COFDM Microwave Video Links designed specifically for Maritime Surveillance.

For further information on our range of maritime products or to discuss any requirements or applications that you may have, please contact us.