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Military SecurityEnterprise Control Systems Ltd (ECS); an award winning leader in COFDM Microwave Surveillance, is currently supplying a number of key military security users with their technologically advanced COFDM capabilities. Designing and manufacturing a comprehensive range of encrypted COFDM video and data links optimised for Military security use in hostile environments, ECS’ downlinks are fully approved on military and police air platforms and include NATO codification.

Military security demands high capacity, secure and robust data links to deliver the multiple, high definition real time images available from the sensors of modern surveillance platforms. Range requirements vary from tactical assets needing only 4-5 km through to long-range patrol surveillance systems demanding a much greater capability.

The latest COFDM data links used for surveillance applications have now evolved to include an IP link to the platform combined with the high integrity, high capacity, military grade security and extended range of the latest generation of COFDM based systems. The ‘uplink’ data path may be used to remote control sensors and/or control unmanned systems in the most demanding environments. As surveillance sensors, their platforms and capability have advanced they are now being matched by the capability and flexibility of the latest generation of COFDM microwave links that combine many of the attributes of legacy military data links with the performance of the latest imagery transmission systems.

Launched recently by ECS, the EVENLODE COFDM IP Data Terminal is the company's most technologically advanced product to date. Evenlode is a lightweight data terminal designed specifically to meet the demanding requirements of airborne, ground and maritime applications and is tested to DO-160F EMC and environmental test requirements. Acting as a bi-directional network repeater, Evenlode provides innovative solutions for any information exchange requirement and an ideal solution for military applications.

ECS’ range of covert surveillance products are also optimised for Military security and Police Surveillance use and provide high quality link continuity and superior range, whilst being contained in small, covert housings. All of ECS’ covert surveillance products are built to a high ingression protection (IP) rating allowing the units to be bodyworn or deployed into a tactical area of interest.

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