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Video Encryption Solutions

Video Encryption

Enterprise Control Systems Ltd (ECS) specialise in secure COFDM technology in their range of microwave video links and now has an international customer base which includes police, military and numerous specialist surveillance units.

ECS is the market leader in providing true end-to-end encrypted video microwave systems and a National Police Encryption Scheme has been designed, ensuring national interoperability for all UK police air support units using ECS equipment. Video encryption, along with audio and data encryption, is paramount in ensuring that the information transmitted remains totally secure from the source to the recipient.

With ground-breaking technology and industry expertise in COFDM microwave video links and secure surveillance solutions, ECS is able to produce turnkey solutions to counter a diverse range of security threats for our customer, hence video encryption being a very important factor in the system design.

ECS’ COFDM links can be used to transmit securely encrypted Full Motion Video (FMV), data and audio from the source to the point which the data is required. The technologically advanced situational awareness that is provided by this secure transmission of data is continually relied upon by military and police units worldwide, significantly assisting in critical decision making processes.

Advanced Video Encryption Technology

ECS use a high grade Advanced Encryption Standard encryption with bespoke enhancing techniques. This ensures reliable transmission of totally secure, critical data to the recipient without the risk of any of the information falling into the wrong hands.

ECS have now launched an Internet Protocol (IP) enabled, encrypted, bi-directional COFDM Link for air surveillance called EVENLODE which is the company’s most technologically advanced product to date. ECS has dominated the UK Security Sector for over ten years with a range of downlink equipment including air-to-ground and ground to ground microwave video links with full end to end video encryption, based on the Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (COFDM) technique.

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