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The Enterprise Control Systems Ltd (ECS) Ardpet receiver system has been designed for professional security users such as Local Authorities and Police Tactical Support Units (TSU). Using Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (COFDM) technology, an ECS link incorporating the Ardpet COFDM Video Receiver System is extremely robust.
  • General Description
  • Technical Data

General Description

COFDM is a state of the art transmission technique using multiple carriers to provide high quality real time video images in environments and situations where conventional video links would fail through multipath interference.
The Ardpet COFDM Video Receiver System comprises of a Ardpet COFDM modular receiver, a low noise block downconverter unit and an optional handheld controller. Using a separate downconverter allows the widest range of practical installations whereby the COFDM modular receiver may be placed up to 200 m away from the antenna. Power to the down converter is fed via the feeder coax.  An optional Radio Frequency (RF) splitter may be fitted in order to run two receivers from a single downconverter and antenna allowing a single installation to receive two channels simultaneously.  The standard system operates on a single RF channel; multichannel versions are also available with channel selection via an optional hand held controller or software running on a PC.
The Ardpet COFDM Video Receiver System is compatible with the full range of Enterprise Control Systems Ltd (ECS) L-band transmitters using Substitution Cipher Encryption.

Technical Data

Ardpet Modular Receiver Specification
Input Frequency IF: UHF IF
Digital Modulation Standard: DVB-T to ETSI Standard EN 300 744
Modulation: QPSK or 16QAM (automatic)
Code Rate: 1/2 or 2/3 (automatic)
Guard Interval: 1/4 or 1/8 (automatic)
Number of Carriers: 2K mode (1704 carriers)
IF Input Sensitivity: -92 dBm min
Decryption: Substitution Cipher Encryption
DC Supply: 1.7 A at 12 V nom (11 V - 15 V)
Size: 202 x 194 x 55 mm approx (excluding connectors)
Weight: 1.9 kg approx
Environment: IP55
Operating Temperature: 0ºC to +45ºC
Storage Temperature: -10ºC to +70ºC
Indicators: Signal Strength: 4 x LED indicators
OFDM Lock: Green LED FEC Lock: Green LED Packet Error: Red LED
Power: Yellow LED
Chassis Connectors: DC In: 3-pin Socket (09 0408 80 03)
Video Out: BNC Male 75 Ohms
Control: 5-pin Socket (09 1416 80 05)
RF In & DC Out: N-Type Female 75 Ohms
Low Noise Block Downconverter Specification
Input Frequency RF: L-Band RF
Output Frequency IF: UHF IF
RF Sensitivity: -94 dBm min
Noise Figure: 3 dB typ
Transfer Gain: 40 dB typ
Size: 22 mm (height) x 134 mm (diameter) excluding N-type connector approx
Chassis Connectors: RF in: N-type Female 50 Ohms
IF out & DC in: SMA-type Female 50 Ohms.
Graphical Hand Held Controller Specification
Size: 198 x 124 x 42mm apporx
Weight: 588 g approx
RF Splitter Specification
Size: 80 x 80 x 57mm approx (excluding connectors)
Weight: 400 g approx
Environment: IP 66
Chassis Connectors: IF out 1: N-type Female 50 Ohms
IF out 2: N-Type Female 50 Ohms
IF input: N-Type Female 50 Ohms.