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The Claw Directional Inhibitor is a self-contained inhibitor system that combines the RF power electronics with a high-gain multi-band directional antenna system The Claw Inhibitor comprises of dual mast-mount units covering the 433MHz, GNSS, 915MHz, 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz ISM frequency bands with RF output powers to the antennas of up to 83w. With an aggregated RF output power to the antenna of up to 150w

The Claw system disrupts the control, navigation and telemetry used by UAS and can be customised for end-user requirements. The ‘Continuous Product Development’ diagram below highlights ECS’ approach to tailoring Claw for Military and Security applications Claw is a secure fully self-contained, compact system with no external signal processing or Power Amplification modules required, which insulates the solution from third-party interference and aids integration into multiple sensor systems

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Claw, Front View
Claw, Rear View
  • General Description
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General Description

The Claw System comprises the following: Directional antenna enclosures Two SDR directional inhibitor units Either 2 AC, or 1 DC Power Supply Units

Technical Data

Software Defined Radio (SDR) Significant development investment in designing a bespoke Software Defined Inhibitor (SDR) for the complex signal source generation of C-UAS and C-RCIED inhibitors. The SDR is the system controller in Claw and is capable of generating two simultaneous wide band outputs Antenna Design High-gain, narrow beamwidth, antennas maximise the power density at the target threat device whilst minimising disruption of co-located systems In-house development allows bandwidth, polarisation and gain to be tailored to changes in threat devices identified in the field