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COFDM Test Transmitter (HD)

The Enterprise Control System Ltd (ECS) Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (COFDM) Test Transmitter has been designed for mobile transmission of digital video. Housed in a rugged Pelicase the unit is easily deployed with an intuitive user interface. The transmitter provides a low-power means to test an ECS receiver where it may be impractical to system test using a downlink from an air platform.

COFDM Test Transmitter (HD)
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General Description

Test transmitters are built bespoke to the frequency and encryption plan of the customer configuration plan. A Test Transmitter is always recommended as a means to prevent expensive flight time being used for functional system testing of the downlink.
The Test Transmitter has an maximum output power of 1 W (nom) however may be supplied with a range of power settings if requested. An internal battery provides mobile operation for up to 3 hrs autonomous use. An external Standard Definition (SD) or High Definition (HD) video source may be fed into the transmitter or an internal test pattern for SD or HD may be transmitted. An audio input and audio test source are optional. A Global Positioning System (GPS) input is provided to simulate air frame equipment GPS data multiplexed onto the downlink; this GPS data may be output from the receiver to a moving map display (not provided) to estimate the range achieved by the link.
The front panel controls have been designed to ensure that operation of the Test Transmitter is as straightforward as possible with Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) for video encoding, alarm, low battery and charge status, a video source switch and an Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Graphical User Interface (GUI). The GUI allows the user full command of encryption, channel and video encoder mode in order to ensure that a complete test schedule of the receiver under test may be undertaken. The video encoder mode may be set to all video encoder modes found within the air frame equipment such that receiver sensitivities for both COFDM modulation schemes (16 Quadrature Amplitude Modulation and Quadrature Phase Shift Keying) may be estimated

Technical Data

Equipment Designation: VTTB-HD-DX.X-YY
XX-Centre frequency of channel plan (GHz)
YY-Customer-specific configuration reference
Frequency: Identical to customer-specific downlink channels 1.2 - 6.5 GHz, 16 channels max within a 10% proportional bandwidth
Decryption: Identical to customer-specific downlink encryption. Substitution Cipher Encryption (SCE) or Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with keys for general and destination specific decryption. (AES is subject to export licence approval)
COFDM Specification: COFDM 2k carriers, 8 MHz ch bandwidth. Options for guard interval, forward error correction code rate and spectral inversion identical to the options provide
on the air platform equipment. QPSK or 16 QAM
modulation dependent on video encoder mode
RF Power Output: 1 W max with a range of lower power settings if required
Power: Frequency dependent, 8 A max at 5.3 GHz from external 12 VDC supply
Operational Life: 13.6 Ahr internal Li-ion 8-cell battery providing over 3 hrs mobile use without charge
Input Video Standard: CVBS (PAL or NTSC), HD-SDI SMPTE 292M HPL4.0
Input Audio Standard: Stereo Line Level (600 Ω into 0 dBm)
Operating Conditions: -10°C to + 45°C, up to 95% relative humidity non- condensing
Storage Conditions: -20°C to + 65°C, up to 95% relative humidity non- condensing
Housing: Rugged briefcase, 480 x 360 x 170 mm approx
Weight: 9 kg approx.