COFDM Digital Video Transmissions

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Enterprise Control System

Digital Base Station Receiver System

Portable COFDM Receiving Equipment
The Enterprise Control Systems Ltd (ECS) Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (COFDM) Base Station has been specifically developed for mobile reception of COFDM digital video transmissions from either aircraft or ground-based transmitters.
Digital Base Station Receiver System
  • General Description
  • Technical Data

General Description

The Base Station Receiver System consists of three main parts:-
-ECS COFDM Active Switch Sector Antenna (MSA)
-ECS COFDM Base Station Briefcase Receiver
-ECS COFDM Portable Antenna Control Unit (ACU).
Global Positioning System GPS information is multiplexed onto the transport stream of the ECS COFDM transmission and then decoded within the ECS COFDM Base Station Receiver. The GNSS information is used to control the MSA. The MSA down-converts the RF signal to UHF to allow the MSA antenna to be situated up to 100 m away from the base station equipment. A diversity option using an additional omnidirectional antenna is available for additional link resilience.
The ACU controls the MSA and interfaces with the Receiver. The ACU will display transmitter GPS information.
The Base Station Briefcase Receiver unit can either be used as a standalone unit with an integral omnidirectional antenna or as part of the Base Station Receiver System. As standard, a high-brightness LCD colour monitor is provided. All COFDM transmission products are provided on the face of the briefcase included dual video, audio and GPS outputs.
The ECS Base Station Briefcase Receiver has up to 16 channels and an LCD display of signal strength, channel frequency and current decryption mode. The unit may be charged from 12 VDC or 100 - 264 VAC. The internal Lithium ion battery will provide up to 90 mins of autonomous use.
High Definition and Standard Definition only versions are available. The equipment is rugged, reliable and proven in the field.

Technical Data

Base Station Briefcase Receiver Specification
Input Sensitivity: -95 dBm minimum
Duration: 90 minutes autonomous use
Indicators: 80-Character LCD Display- Frequency, Signal Strength, GNSS Position of Transmitter. Battery State LED.
Display: Detachable 10.4’’ LCD Colour monitor (SD version)
Fixed 12.1’’ LCD Colour monitor (HD version)
Power Supply: 12 VDC or 100-264 VAC 6.8 Ahr 12 VDC sealed Li-ion battery which charges from d.c. or a.c. supply.
Video Output: PAL (Composite and (Y/C)) (SD version)
PAL Composite and HD YPRPB (HD version)
Audio Output: In built speaker with volume control and 3.5mm jack.
Antenna Control Unit Briefcase Specification
GPS Display: Altitude, Latitude, Longitude and Heading of transmitter. Elevation, Time, Speed, Azimuth and Distance of link. (If the transmitter has GNSS information from an ARINC 429 bus, the information displayed will depend on the labels provided.)
Antenna Display: Antenna sector selected.
GPS lock status of transmitter and local position
Control: Sector auto/manual selection, sector selection, mains on/off
Duration: More than 8 hours autonomous use
Power Supply: 100-240 VAC or 12 VDC with automatic switch over. 6.8 Ahr Li-ion sealed battery which charges automatically from both mains and DC supplies.