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Enterprise Control System

Encryption Control Unit (ECU)

The Enterprise Control Systems Ltd (ECS) Encryption Control Unit is a small panel-mounted housing incorporating a 32 character Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and a three-button keypad. The user interface has been modified for use with Night Vision Goggles.
Encryption Control Unit (ECU)
  • General Description
  • Technical Data

General Description

The ECU NVG is an intuitive control interface for the ECS airborne link equipment and may be used for downlink, uplink or bidirectional systems. Designed for the air operator, three keys are provided for menu navigation for link control and monitoring.
An auxiliary serial port on the front of the ECU NVG allows configuration of equipment using a computer-based user interface programme.
The display light may be powered by internal power from the link equipment, or powered from 28 VDC supply. Dimming control of the display light may controlled by either 28 VDC or 5 VDC variable input. A second, analogue input may be used to toggle between “Day” or “NVG” mode. Alternatively, there are two open/short inputs for “Day”, “Night” and “NVG” modes and an additional input for annunciator testing. Fault and Transmitter On indicators are on the front of the unit. Power for Fault and Transmitter On Light Emitting Diodes (LED) are also provided at the rear of the unit.
The ECU NVG is compatible with aircraft cockpit rack systems that incorporate 146 mm panel equipment with Dzus® Panel Line fasteners on a 28.6 mm pitch.

Technical Data

Display: 32 character display
Controls: 3 x button soft key pad
Power: 110 mA at 28 VDC (nominal) line powered from ECS link equipment
Mass: 500 g approx
Dimensions: 146 x 57 x 90 mm (Dzus fittings on a 28.6 mm pitch)
Operating Temperature: -20º C to +55º C
Operating Humidity: Up to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Functions: Transmitter On / Off / Auto selection
Transmit RF Channel selection
Transmit Encryption Key selection
Receive RF Channel selection
Receive Decryption Key / Auto selection
Preset selection
Fault alarm monitoring
Standards: RTCA DO-275 - Minimum Operational Performance Standards for Integrated Night Vision Imaging System Equipment. Compatible with generation 3 Class B Night Vision Goggles
RTCA DO-160G Sect. 4 - Temperature & Altitude
RTCA DO-160G Sect. 5 - Temperature Variation
RTCA DO-160G Sect. 6 - Humidity
RTCA DO-160G Sect. 7 - Operational Shocks and Crash Safety
RTCA DO-160G Sect. 8 - Vibration
RTCA DO-160G Sect. 12 - Sand & Dust
RTCA DO-160G Sect. 15 - Magnetic Effect
RTCA DO-160G Sect. 16 - Power Input
RTCA DO-160G Sect. 17 - Voltage Spike
RTCA DO-160G Sect. 18 - Audio Frequency Conducted
RTCA DO-160G Sect. 21 - Emission of RF Energy