COFDM Transmission Equipment

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Enterprise Control System


The Handyview from Enterprise Control Systems Ltd (ECS) is the
latest in a range of portable monitoring terminals. The Handyview
is compatible with all ECS video link equipment providing shortterm
and instantaneous monitoring of Coded Orthogonal Frequency
Division Multiplex (COFDM) signals
  • General Description
  • Technical Data

General Description

The Handyview is configured as part of a Standard Definition (SD), High Definition (HD) or, Evenlode system. All three versions have an integral COFDM demodulator, downconverter, battery, speakers and 8.4” display to provide high quality monitoring of
video and audio transmission. Telemetry and positional data, if transmitted as part of the COFDM signal, are also available.
The unit contains sophisticated decryption to maintain a high level of security. With various antenna inputs and ancillary equipment, the Handyview may be used in the man-portable, vehicle-borne role. In conjunction with an Antenna Control Unit (ACU) and Multi-Sector Antenna (MSA), the Handyview may also be used in a more static, operations centre. This flexibility allows an operator to plug and play the unit wherever they are located. At a weight of 2.7 kg, the Handyview is one of the lightest
professional receivers on the World market.
The Handyview is controlled by a rotary switch and on-screen graphics. The unit will automatically set receive COFDM parameters provided the channel bandwidth is set. Decryption is fully automatic with options for Substitution Cipher Encryption and
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256 (AES is subject to export licence approval).
A fully weatherproof interface cable is provided to access video and audio signals with the option of headphones. The Handyview has a removable 6 Ahr battery. This battery may be charged through an external DC connector or removed from the
Handyview unit and charged through a separate charging unit.

Technical Data

Display: 8.4’’ (216 mm) SD LCD colour monitor
On-Screen Information: Received Signal Quality Indicator, Receiver Lock Status, Transmitter Status, Battery Status and Transmitter GPS Information
Power Requirements: Internal rechargeable 6.6 Ahr Lithium-ion battery with an external DC connector to power unit and recharge the internal battery
Video Output: CVBS (SD), YPBPR and HDMI
Audio Output: Line Level Output, Headphone Output and Integrated Stereo Speakers
Dimensions: 265 x 213 x 66 mm (closed case)
Weight: 2.7 kg approx (including battery)