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Handyview Alpha

The Handyview Alpha Receiver from Enterprise Control Systems Ltd. (ECS) is a battery-powered, lightweight and compact full motion video receiver. The unit uses FM demodulation for compatibility with analogue transmitters. Handyview Alpha has a built in 8.4’’ screen.

Handyview Alpha
  • General Description
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General Description

The Handyview Alpha is provided as a diversity receiver with Intermediate Frequency (IF) and Radio Frequency (RF) inputs; this makes the unit suitable for both man portable and vehicle-borne operations. The unit incorporates a 14.4 VDC, 6.6 Ahr Lithium-Ion battery for three hours autonomous use and, a 8.4’’ Light Emitting Diode (LED)-backlit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Standard Definition (SD) screen. The Handyview Alpha is supplied with two antennas and a single, line-powered magnetic-mount Low Noise Block Downconverter (LNB). The unit is supplied with a Composite Video Blanking Synchronisation (CVBS) output in order to provide a signal for a larger, external monitor if required.
The ECS Handyview Alpha is available as a C Band receiver between 4400 MHz and 5850 MHz. The Receiver is controlled by a rotary switch and on-screen graphics to control frequency and display the current video standard and battery status. The internal battery may be charged through an external Direct Current (DC) connector or removed from the Handyview Alpha unit and charged through a separate docking station.

Technical Data

Dimensions: 265 mm x 215 mm x 70 mm without Battery
Mass: 2.1 kg without battery (nom)
2.7 kg with battery (nom)
Mass of Battery: 650 g
Ingress Protection Rating: IP67
Input Voltage Range: 10.5 to 28 VDC
Power Consumption: 17 W typ, 34 W when charging battery
Operating Temperature: -30°C to +58°C
Frequency Range: 4400 - 5850 MHz
RF Input Sensitivity: -84 dBm typ
IF Input Sensitivity: -84 dBm typ
Frequency Range: 4400 - 5850 MHz
Video Output: CVBS, 75 Ohm, Format automatic (PAL / NTSC)
Chassis Connectors:
Power: Fischer 2-pin female
RF Input: SMA female
IF Input: SMA female (N-type female via adapter)
Video Out: BNC female