COFDM Transmitter

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Enterprise Control System

SENTRY Transmitter

Miniature COFDM Transmitter
Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (COFDM) is a state of the art, extremely robust transmission technique. Using multiple carriers the COFDM technique provides high quality real time video images in environments where conventional links would fail through multipath interference. Consisting of 1704 carries in an 8 MHz bandwidth, the Sentry transmitter has been optimised for covert surveillance.


SENTRY Transmitter
  • General Description
  • Technical Data

General Description

The Sentry miniature COFDM transmitter is a fourth generation transmitter designed and manufactured by Enterprise Control Systems Ltd (ECS). Transmissions are encrypted using Substitution Cipher Encryption or Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) (AES is subject to export licence approval).
This ruggedised, lightweight transmitter is suitable for use in a range of applications. It has been designed as a body-worn covert unit capable of transmitting high quality video, audio and an option for data at a series of frequencies.
The 200 mW output power enables the Sentry to operate at ranges of up to 1 km in urban environments. This can be extended dependent on terrain and the type of receiving system used.

Technical Data

Equipment Designations: VLT14-D1.4S - 1.4 GHz band VLT14-D2.3S - 2.5 GHz band
RF Output Power: 200 mW for VLT14-D1.4S 100 mW for VLT14-D2.3S
Channel Bandwidth: 8 MHz
Channel Selection: 10 MHz spaced channels within a 10% proportional bandwidth
Video Input: PAL - 1 volt peak-to-peak
Audio: Line level 0 dBm into 600 Ohms
Encryption: Substitution Cipher Encryption or AES 256 (AES is subject to export license approval)
Mode Selection: Via RS232 interface
Power Input: 3.6 V d.c. nom (2.8 V - 4.5 V)
Power Consumption: 8.5 W
Size: 156 x 110 x 30 mm
Weight: 560 g approx not including antenna
Enclosure: Machined from aluminium alloy with a RoHS chromate conversion fini