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Enterprise Control System

Soft Case Receiver System (HD)

The Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (COFDM) Diversity Soft Case Receiver System (High Definition) consists of all the components of a standard Enterprise Control Systems Ltd (ECS) ground station. The system is housed in a 5U 19’’ rack fly away case for temporary and mobile use.

Soft Case Receiver System (HD)
Soft Case Receiver System (HD)
ScarPod Base Station
Soft Case Receiver System (HD)
  • General Description
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General Description

Noise Block (LNB) downconverter. The antennas include an active switched Multiple Sector Antenna (MSA), an omnidirectional antenna and a Global Positioning System (GPS) antenna. All other components of the system are installed within the soft case: a COFDM Video Link Diversity Receiver (VLDR), an Antenna Control Unit (ACU) and, a fold-out HD 17’’ rack monitor.
The Diversity Soft Case Receiver System (HD) provides decoding and monitoring of all signals contained within an ECS COFDM HD downlink. All information within the ECS COFDM HD downlink is decoded within the VLDR. The downlink may consist of up to two video channels with associated audio. GPS information is also multiplexed onto the MPEG Transport Stream of the aircraft transmitter. The Soft Case Receiver outputs the HD signal in component format (YPRPB). If the transmitted signal is a Standard Definition (SD) video signal this will be output in composite (CVBS) or component (YC) format.
GPS information from the aircraft transmitter is fed to the ACU to select the link-facing sector within the MSA. This provides high gain reception with an excellent range. Using an omnidirectional antenna in diversity improves link resilience: the highest quality COFDM signal is chosen from the two antenna inputs on a carrier-by carrier basis and in real time.
The Diversity Soft Case Receiver System (HD) has been designed to be portable, lightweight and rugged whilst maintaining full functionality of static ECS receivers.

Technical Data

Soft Case Receiver Unit specification:
Size: 630 x 740 x 360 mm (case complete) approx
Weight: 25 kg approx
Power Supply: 90 - 264 VAC,
COFDM Video Link Diversity Receiver specification:
Sensitivity: -92 dB min (IF input sensitivity into the receiver)
-95 dB min (RF sensitivity
, including the LNB front end or MSA antenna)
Channel Bandwidth: 8 MHz
Video Channels: 2 simultaneously at full frame rate
Channels: Pre-selectable frequency channels (16 max)
Receiver LCD Display: RSSI, channel selected, transmitter status and encryption identification
Receiver LEDs: OFDM lock, FEC and packet error
Baseband Outputs: HD (YPRPB) (Ch A only), CVBS & Y/C (Ch A & B), Audio MPEG L1 x 2 (stereo) (Ch A & B), NMEA 0183, RS-232 Control, MPEG2 Transport Stream (ASI).
Optional 10/100BASE-TX interface for encapsulated Transport Stream output and IP control input.
Decryption: Advanced Encryption System 256-bit (subject to export licence approval) or Substitution Cipher Encryption
Antenna Control Unit specification:
GPS Display: Altitude, lat and long position, bearing and heading of the transmitting unit and time
Antenna Display: Antenna selected, auto/manual, channel selected
Control: Sector auto/manual selection, sector selection, channel up/down, mains on/off
Monitor specification
Monitor type: 17’’ TFT LCD fold-out from 1U 19’’ rack
Resolution: 1440 x 900
The system described here includes a High Definition Soft Case Receiver, a GPS active antenna, an external downconverter with an omnidirectional antenna and, a Multi-Sector Antenna. Other arrangements of external components are available according to customer range and portability requirements.