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Enterprise Control System

System Solutions

ECS has a team of engineers and is able to offer planning and implementation of both fixed and portable microwave networks. This would include, studies of system planning to decide on the viability of use, path analysis, system design and integration of any other equipment. Turnkey system solutions successfully completed in the past have included major fixed link networks and multiple vehicle systems fully equipped for riot police operations, as well as providing COFDM Downlink systems for the 2008 Olympic Games.

More recently ECS have developed its next generation network voting systems. The system can be designed to cater for multiple air platforms, with the main restriction being the customers network capacity. The voting technique is used to select the best real time video signal available from multiple receiving sites. The video signal, once received at the receiver station is then converted to Internet Protocol (IP) before being delivered securely and bandwidth efficiently, across a network to a viewing point of the customers choosing. Control of the system can be achieved remotely, using the customer’s own network.

ECS is able to integrate to existing networks, or work with the customer to design and supply ground networks to deliver video from receiver sites to operations centres. In some of our most recently delivered systems, a mixture of techniques have been employed for system redundancy and to aid in the delivery the video product to the desired location.

Network Voting System

The following equipment is used in conjunction with a Network Voting System
Base station • System Control Software 

For an insight into some of the applications that ECS COFDM products are used in, view a selection of video presentations and also view our 'Next Generation COFDM Microwave Links for Military Surveillance' brochure.