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Evenlode is a series of equipment providing capability for a range of Information Exchange Requirements; equipment may be deployed for air, ground and maritime applications.
Evenlode is offered at three levels of complexity with a defined upgrade path. Upgrading from Evenlode I to Evenlode II to Evenlode III uses the previously installed hardware. Following initial deployment of technology, further capability may be added should the Concept of Operations be developed or changed.
Download Evenlode Concept of Operations Presentation
Equipment is offered as:
 • Evenlode I Video Transmitter/Receiver.  An Evenlode I Air Transmitter and Evenlode I Ground Receivers may be used to downlink dual High Definition video, audio, GPS data and telemetry data from the air platform to the ground.
 • Evenlode II Video Transceiver. Evenlode II air equipment may be used to extend the range of a downlink via a relay system. An Evenlode II air transceiver and Evenlode II ground transceiver provides optional two-way video, audio, GPS and serial telemetry data capability.
 • Evenlode III Data Terminal. Evenlode III has the data exchange capability of Evenlode II. In addition, air and ground equipment may be deployed to extend the full range of Internet Protocol (IP) services to the air platform; these include internet in the air, remote sensor control form the ground, remote access to databases, augmented reality and shared white-boarding applications. The link between a pair of Evenlode III terminals behaves, in networking terms, as an Ethernet cable with a maximum data rate defined by the radio link parameters. 
Air equipment is provided with omnidirectional antennas for point-to-multipoint video exchange. Ground equipment can be offered with a range of omnidirectional and position-steered antenna systems. The complexity of the antenna is dependent upon range and deployment requirements. Static ground equipment may be deployed across a wide area and networked to provide extended coverage.
Upgrade Path
Enterprise Control Systems Ltd (ECS) is able, on request, to provide personality modules with all Evenlode equipment. This module provides Evenlode air equipment with its personality of a transmitter, transceiver or data terminal (I,II or III). Key benefits include:
 • Future upgrades to Evenlode air equipment without having to re-certify new equipment or provide a completely new system
 • A defined upgrade plan for an evolving customer requirement
 • Evenlode I/II/III may be used as building blocks for complex system requirements. A lower number of unique parts reduces the training and equipment support burden.
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